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Before & Afters: Basement Renovation

We recently were called in to do a basement renovation, which was originally supposed to be completed in later months, but due to new circumstances, the renovation needed to be done right away. The project was fast tracked to be completed in 2 weeks time, with a minimum budget to get it done. I definitely love a challenge, especially when we try to make the impossible possible for a great young family like my clients! It was a joy working with them and their super friendly kids. Here are the before and after pictures:

The Bedroom Before and after painting, and brand new laminate flooring (although the picture was taken as the basement was being cleaned ūüėČ

The space underneath the staircase was utilized and a new storage space was formed.

The Staircase Before and After: Matching laminate was installed on the stairs to save on the project cost (as opposed to solid oak treads)

The bathroom previously had a moulded shower and vinyl floor tiles.

The owners wanted just to refresh the bathroom so we retiled with 12″ x 24″ grey tile, replaced the toilet, pedestal sink and shelving. Due to the short time frame, we also had to find a ready made shower stall that fit the area, so this off the rack shower with a moulded shower pan was installed. We dressed up the subway tiled¬†shower stall¬†with some glass mosaic tile.

The furnace room:

The laundry was previously located right next to the electrical panel, and we felt like this back room space was being under utilized, so we moved the laundry to the back of the basement, tiled the floor and created a hanging area for drying clothes.

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