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Bungalow Breakdown – In Progress Photos

It’s a stormy night out there but here’s a small peek at what’s been going on at my current project. I’ve been working on designing a full renovation project on a multi-million dollar bungalow for the past 2 1/2 months, and it’s almost coming to a close. I’ll be posting photos when it’s all done but here’s a taste:

Get our team in before you even own the house so you know exactly what you’re getting into! Here we are taking a look at a wall for removal during the pre-inspection.

After possession (of course!), here’s the wall removed. Remember, for every wall you take out, you must finish all sides! It’s not as simple as you may think 🙂

Since it’s a bungalow, the basement became a crucial part of the living space. Since the laminate was installed poorly and was of bad quality, we planned to remove all of it, as well as the suspended ceiling.

An old, outdated laundry room was also removed and stripped to the studs.

The laundry room and storage rooms were all stripped down. Luckily since it was down to the studs, we were able to find a water leak easily and patch it up when it rained heavily. We also discovered the flooring was sagging upstairs but it is now all taken care of! These are great examples why good renovations can save you money in the long run. 

A dark faux wood panelled bedroom with mouldy carpet.
 The same room stripped down to the studs, and reinsulated.

Another room is given new insulation and drywall, complete with potlights. The room is now bright, clean and welcoming!

A scary and gloomy hallway leads to an existing washroom.

Everything was ripped out and has been replaced.

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