Faux Flowers Make Indoors Feel Like Spring All Year

Like everyone else I long for spring as I stare out of my window and look at the aftermath of a very COLD and long winter. While we can’t control the weather, we can certainly bring the outdoors in by decorating with flowers. While fresh flowers year round would be a luxury for most, you could also invest in some high quality faux flower arrangements to put in key locations (i.e: dining room table, mantle pieces, etc).  Trust an experienced stager when I say that it really does brighten up and liven spaces instantaneously!

Here are some custom arrangements I’ve made in the past for clients:



TeaCup  LovelyLavenders



Here are a couple of examples of faux flowers/fruits doing their job adding a pop of much needed colour and texture to a room! These photos are from actual staging jobs that I completed previously.




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