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Kitchen Design & Reno- A Brand New Kitchen in Just Under 2 Weeks!

Above: The Kitchen Before

I had the great opportunity to renovate and design a dream kitchen for Chloe and Calvin- a young couple with a very energetic toddler! The design process was spread over a few weeks so we were well prepared, and the actual renovation only took a total 1 week and 5 days. This is a very important part of our design and renovation process- that I provide a quality and well organized service so that my clients’ lifestyles are impacted for only a short time. If you are looking to do a renovation, but are afraid of the inconvenience, please contact us and we can give you a realistic estimate and timeline. Ok, now it’s time for the big reveal!

After: My client Chloe had the discipline not to see any of the renovations prior to the big reveal. It was just like the big reveals on the tv shows and she definitely was very emotional and cried because she loved her kitchen so much! The entrance that she is standing in was widened just a bit to create a more open feeling. It’s these little details that count! 🙂

The clients Chloe and calvin in their brand new kitchen, now much more functional with a large center island with plenty of drawers and cupboard space!

Before: The wall between the kitchen and the dining room

After: The non-load bearing wall was removed between the kitchen and the dining room to create a more open flow. The old vinyl tile flooring was removed and replaced with a beautiful 12″ x 24″ tile from Ciot called Land Light Grey.

The island was designed with functionality in mind. The generous sized pot drawers are directly across from the stove (it was not possible to put them next to the stove due to the lack of space), and an electrical plug was installed on the island for plugging in their kitchen aid mixer or laptops.

The countertops were extended to create extra counter space. We used Caesarstone’s 3141 Eggshell for the countertops and a classic subway tile backsplash, which will never go out of style! The cabinets were a cream coloured traditional door style but with brushed chrome modern handles to keep it from being too traditional.

We installed a stainless steel range hood to match the future stainless steel appliances they plan to purchase. We created a larger space for the refrigerator as well for future change ups. The result is a fully functional but beautiful kitchen that should outlast all sorts of trends, even when their toddler becomes an energetic teenager! It was a joy working with them. Congratulations on your new kitchen Chloe and Calvin!

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