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Renovations in the Era of Covid-19

Do you have a reno planned in the era of Covid-19? On May 17th, non-essential construction will be able to resume in Ontario. Here’s what you could expect if you are planning a renovation during this time.
1. Scheduling 🕗: We literally had to throw our tightly arranged schedule for the next 6 months out the window. You will likely experience delays and will need to stay flexible!
2. Materials 🔨: Most suppliers I talked to have no idea when shipments will arrive and are relying on existing inventory. Anticipate that the selection will be smaller (for our next project, 3/10 tiles I inquired about were in stock), not to mention the backlog of orders.
3. Services 💻: Services won’t be as readily available and much of it will have to be done online still. I picked this photo in part because our favourite drapery maker @tonicliving will be cutting their in-person retail and custom drapery business. As businesses adapt, it won’t be as easy to get things done.
4. Cost ⬆️: One contractor I spoke with told me that his project management cost has increased by 10%, so make sure you work that out first before starting. Material costs are also increasing and will stay that way due to our dollar tanking. Make sure you leave plenty of margin in case!

It’s not all doom and gloom because we’re here to help you navigate “the new normal”! If you’re interested in renovating, we are taking bookings for approximately August 2020 now, depending on how things go. We’re all in the same “tub” together and we’re so excited to get back to making beautiful spaces again for all our clients! Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions about renovating during Covid-19.

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