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Tiny Bathroom Reno in the Upper Beaches – Maximizing Space & Personality!

The last post was about a basement project of a 3200 sq. ft home, where space was definitely NOT an issue. This post is about a one week bathroom reno in which we had the opposite problem. The bathroom itself was only about 36 sq. ft.- almost half of which was taken up by a tub. The size itself was a challenge because it had to be fully functional for a growing family of 4 (it is the only bathroom on the floor of the bungalow). In addition, it was dated and lacked the fresh design the client wanted.

Before: Dated and cramped!

After: A fresh and vibrant space! We removed the wall tiles (which I felt cut up the room and made it look smaller) and had the walls painted a punchy shade of yellow green. Since the client needs to bathe two small kids, we maximized the floor space by installing the Ikea Lillangen Sink with wall brackets. An Ikea extra tall wall cabinet was installed on top of the toilet to take advantage of the wall height and create vertical storage space.

(Above) View of the hexagon tile floors from The Tile Store. I like using smaller mosaic tiles in small bathrooms because it adds character and texture. The space wont end up feeling too busy since it’s so small. You can really play around with colour and texture in small spaces in ways you couldnt in large bathrooms.

Above: The client was given the brown accent tiles for free, so we incorporated it into the design. I chose a white matte 4×16″ tile, which we did in a stacked pattern as the backdrop. The shower curtain, which incorporated shades of yellow, grey and brown is from West Elm. The shower kit with a rainfall showerhead and hand shower spray is from Tubs.

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