Totally Renovated Townhome Part VI – The Loft

Here’s the last stop on our totally renovated townhome tour: the loft. First of all I want to pause on these gorgeous custom stained stairs again!

BEFORE: The loft had hunter green carpets and dark taupe walls. (Photo from Century 21)

PROGRESS: During demolition, carpeting and underpad is cut into small manageable pieces, rolled and disposed of.

AFTER: The loft was painted the same beautiful grey shade (Benjamin Moore’s Wickham Gray HC-171) as most of the hallways and spaces of this house. A large open space like this also required a substantial light fixture. I chose a chrome “sputnik” type design, that would diffuse light throughout the large space.

Another look at the newly redone stairs and hardwood flooring. It is very important to keep the hardwood flooring consistent throughout the house! (With very few exceptions).

A shot of the staircase looking down to the main level.

That concludes the tour! Hope you enjoyed and please do drop us a line if you have any questions about renovations or get your very own quotation.

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